Saturday, May 14, 2011

Church, Chapter and Service: Crosier Concerns

The Crosiers meeting in Provincial Chapter from June 8 – 17, 2011 at Onamia, MN, will have the task to set direction for the next three years of Crosier life in the Province of St. Odilia.  The Chapter charges its elected delegates from the two Priories of Onamia and Phoenix and the Proprovince of Wahyu Salib in Papua with this task.

The News and Forum is a pre-Chapter bulletin with articles of interest written by members of the Chapter.  I have written an article with reflections on three very basic themes of the Crosier Constitutions, namely, the Order’s relationship with the Church, the Order’s “capitular vocation” and the Orders strong orientation to service.  You can read article by clicking on this link: Church, Chapter, Service.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Annual Giving: Crosier Apostolate

The Crosier Apostolate is the Annual Giving Program of the American Province of St. Odilia.  Its goal is to provide a regular source of funding for Crosier life and mission.

Members may enter at the $100-a-year or higher levels.  Benefits include, among other things, daily prayer by the Crosiers for members' intentions and invitations to participate in special events with the Crosier community.

Click on the first link below to read the substance of a homily I gave at the Masses at St. Andrew Parish in Chandler, AZ, this past weekend to invite parishioners to join the Apostolate.  The second and third links are the informational brochure given to persons interested in becoming members.
Apostolate Homily  
Brochure p 1  
Brochure p 2