Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Crosier Spiritual Exercises

The CROSIER SPIRITUAL EXERCISES are a spiritual method and discipline that come out of the 800-year-old tradition of Crosier religious life.  Inspired by the Paschal Mystery of Jesus, the Exercises lead you thoughtfully and prayerfully through your experiences of the Cross toward real personal transformation.
All of us want make a bigger difference in our world.  You search for your part in God’s plan.  But there is always the Cross.  Is it an obstacle or an opportunity? 
The CROSIER SPIRITUAL EXERCISES help you know God better in the sometimes difficult circumstances of your personal life.  They help you see in your crosses a path to a holier and more committed Christian life.  The Exercises help you become freer for what God calls you to be and do.
Through self-reflection, guided prayer and the accompaniment of a skilled “cross-coach,” the Exercises aid you to face suffering courageously.  The Exercises invite you to embrace the Cross, which always gives promise of healing, more abundant life, greater freedom and deeper hope.  As a result of the transformation that the Paschal Mystery brings, you are better able to serve the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 
The Exercises lead you through four spiritual movements.
1.  The first movement, called Via-Sacris, describes the "Holy Way" that the Cross in your life invites you to go.  You will understand more about the Christian journey from Baptism to the Kingdom of God.  You will have the opportunity to deepen your conviction about embracing the Paschal Mystery of Jesus as your way to new life on that journey.
2.  The second movement is called Calvaria, the "Place of the Skull."  It will help you name your cross more exactly and learn more about its meaning for your life.  You will identify at least one significant experience of the Cross, a "skull-place" at this time in your life, to work through in the remaining two movements of the Exercises.
3. The third movement, In-Tenebris, "In the Darkness," will accompany you in the darkness and abandonment we all know as part of suffering.  You will explore your cross more fully through self-reflection, prayer and conversation with your cross-coach.  You will see your "skull-place" more clearly, understand your struggle with it better and begin to see the reasons for hope in your situation.
4.  The fourth movement is called Pax-Vobis, Jesus' Easter greeting of peace to his disciples.   Here you will begin to know, in a new way, God’s gift of resurrection through the experience of the Cross.  You will recognize new life, celebrate it with joy and see how you can be a witness of hope to others you know who are suffering.

If you would like more information about the Exercises, please contact me at rossibob@crosier.org.  To see the full text of the CROSIER SPIRITUAL EXERCISES, please click on the following link:  Crosier Spiritual Exercises


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