Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation January 30

Apostolate  January 30

Our religious community . . . is in a special way part of the prophetic and dynamic conscience of the Church (Const. 15.2).

The first foundation of the Crosier Order was called “Clairlieu,” or “Place of Light.”  At Clairlieu, the first Crosiers founded their life as a human experiment under the inspiration of the Gospel.  In its organization of life, the experiment took account of all the dimensions of human life:  physical, intellectual, social, moral, emotional and spiritual.  Each dimension in itself, and all of them together, should become authentic in Christ.  The sharing and use of goods in common, study, fraternal interaction, freedom to choose, work and prayer, all demanded a careful discernment.  The great effort maintained by these confreres to put all of the elements of life in serious and deep conversation with the Gospel created a light, illuminating their own space and that of the world around them.  Here was direction for living in search of God;  here were firm criteria for fidelity.  It was thus that the myth of “Clairlieu,” “Place of Light,” was born.  But this myth isn’t unique.  It is but a variation of the great theme of religious life throughout the ages, a striking and bold illumination by which the Church and the world judge themselves in the search for authentic humanity.

The clearing where there is joy is always sunny, even when it rains.  (Burundi)

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