Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Parable and Conscience Meditation January 19

Apostolate   January 19

A religious fellowship of life and work is a special sign and instrument in the Church for true unity among people, a unity that is rooted and brought to completion in Christ, in whom, through whom, and for whom all things were created (Const. 15.2).

Crosier life models the Church of the New Testament in a striking way.  Because of their encounter with the Risen Christ, the first Christians immediately knew themselves to be brothers and sisters (community).  This fraternity was strongly characterized by a spirit of gratitude for Jesus, which was regularly expressed in their community prayer (liturgy).  Profoundly touched by their Gospel experience, they felt impelled to share the Good News with others everywhere by word and loving deed (ministry).  So, there we see the three pillars of the Church of the New Testament.  These three pillars form the heart of the charism of Canons Regular.  By their liturgical prayer, their fraternal life and their pastoral service, the Crosiers as Canons Regular attract the attention of the world to Christ and to the reality of his salvation.  But even more, the community advances in the world the Kingdom of Christ, of which its religious life is the sign.  All Christian communities--ecclesial, familial, educational, fraternal and apostolic--conform themselves to this model.  Our charism, shaped by this model, instructs the Church and world in Christ's salvation.

Those with the same roots will drink the same water.  (Luba)

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