Sunday, February 25, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 25

Glorious Cross  February 25

The power of the cross reveals your judgment on this world and the kingship of Christ crucified (Preface, Passion of the Lord I).

The blacksmith is a muscular man, capable of withstanding the heat, mastering fire to fashion implements of iron.  He is at ease with the noise and sparks that come from his confrontation, deliberately provoked, with the material that resists him.  The blacksmith perseveres until his new creation is finished.  He accomplishes and his accomplishment endures.  This is a prophetic image of Christ (Is 2:15), combative and persistent, worker and master, conqueror and ultimate sovereign.  His strength is in his obedience.  He has faced diabolic strategies that sought to eliminate him, turning them to his own advantage by his strong arm.  He turned his face resolutely toward Jerusalem without fearing the heat of battle in order to fulfill his destiny.  In the midst of the cacophony of the lies, the whip, the stumblings on the way and the hammer blows, he gently breathed his Spirit over the world to forge a new reality.  He is himself risen, modeling what he is making.  One day he will return with a flash of glory, the final moment of appreciation of all he has done.

Blacksmiths don’t lack burns.  (Burundi)

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