Monday, February 5, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 5

Apostolate  February 5

Each province and local community, inspired by our charism and in deliberation with the provincial government, should consider its own forms of apostolic activity according to the needs of the local Church (Const. 22.1).

Religious life, as a daughter of the Church, serves her with a critical eye, throwing light on her true identity and encouraging her proper vocation.  That is why religious life, wherever it is, searches for ways to insert itself into the most problematic human situations in order to help the Church act truly as the sign and instrument of Christ’s salvation.  The ministry of religious life tries to address the most serious sufferings of the Church and society with resources of relief and the word of Gospel hope.  Its pastoral discernment concerns all levels of human life—material, social and religious—in order to discover ignored needs, strengthen unattended weaknesses, correct hidden distortions.  The pastoral commitment of religious life is not satisfied with mere discussion, however well intentioned that might be.  Its apostolic contribution includes both the pricking of consciences and great generosity of effort in its spheres of influence.

Anybody who stays in the same place has his two eyes in the same sack.  (Baoule)

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