Thursday, January 18, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation January 18

Apostolate  January 18

We acknowledge and encourage new developments in the apostolate for us as religious. This work may well take on different forms within our Order (Const. 6.3).

The ministry of Christ is traditionally expressed in three messianic functions: priestly, prophetic and royal.  All the baptized participate in them according to their own gifts and in their own circumstances of life.  There are some who are chosen to take responsibility for the integrity and the coordination of ministry.  Ordained by the “laying on of hands,” they preside over the liturgy (sanctify), assure the preaching of the Good News (teach) and coordinate the gifts of the community (govern).  In principle, the ministry of the Crosier priest conforms to this model, even if his activities go beyond it.  Crosier Brothers, as lay religious, are also called to the messianic functions.  The Order, in effect, shows the face of Christ Priest, Prophet and King in these two ministerial expressions, sacerdotal and lay.  It is the community that discerns the calls, the direction and the unity of these two vocations in its midst.

Milk is not enough to make porridge.  (Dogon)

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