Thursday, January 11, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation January 11

Poverty  January 11

This common responsibility should manifest itself in an equitable and efficient distribution of the resources of the community, corresponding to the needs and wants of our members and our work (Const. 13.3).

Community life is no stranger to African culture, which puts emphasis on the life of the group.  The individual finds identity in relationship to the tribe.  The well being and destiny of the human person is inextricably tied to it.  The person lives as a member of the group or dies.  After initiation, the person takes his proper role in the life of the group to assure personal life and well being.  The practice of solidarity, which leaves no one in need, is characteristic of this commitment to the tribe.  African culture corrects the tendencies toward the individualism of other cultures that can easily leave the masses in need.  Augustinian religious life corresponds well with the African sensibility for the common good.  In the community, there is always the effort to satisfy the needs of each without prejudicing the welfare of the other and the whole.  Such a commitment demands the good will of every member to make one’s own the concerns of all.

Your hand receives something and your mother’s mouth is hopeful.  (African proverb)

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