Friday, January 12, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation January 12

Poverty  January 12

And just as the sick must take less food to avoid discomfort, so too, after their illness, they are to receive the kind of treatment that will quickly restore their strength (Rule of St. Augustine, 18).

Since the sin of Adam, the seeds of death lie hidden in the body.  From time to time, they threaten to germinate in illness.  Illness is a significant moment in human life, particularly when it becomes serious.  Sickness can be either the horizon of spiritual enlightenment or the precipice of despair.  For that reason, sickness mobilizes the compassion of the community.  To cure someone sick is to give the person the possibility of taking up again a vital commitment as a more alert and zealous as a servant of God.  To spoil a sick confrere for a while does not necessarily lessen the spiritual strength of the sick person or of the community.  Quite the contrary, when the confrere happily resumes his ordinary spiritual discipline, the grace of the illness for him and for his caregivers increases the Gospel efficacy of the community.

If you want the bird to fly, strengthen its wings.  (Mongo)

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