Sunday, January 14, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation January 14

Poverty  January 14

In order to build up our fellowship and our apostolate, we accept a community of goods and joint responsibility for property, income and expenditures (Const. 13.3).

Our life in community is, first of all, a joyful commitment of persons to one another.  It is the oneness of heart more than the “community of goods” that gives real joy to life.  Oneness of heart is a commitment to building mutual confidence and support in community life.  In effect, this requires an exercise of co-responsibility on the part of each member for the well being of all.  It demands a shared responsibility for all the human and religious goods of the persons united in community, as well as for its property.  Thus, religious life should never lead to parasitism.  If everyone has the right to use community goods, everyone has the duty to take care of them. Enjoying the use of community goods implies sharing in their management in the local chapter and remaining actively concerned for responsible stewardship at all levels of Order life.  Without such a community practice, the confreres risk becoming a band of profiteers rather than a brotherhood of shared life.

A good back supports the ribs.  (Nsombe)

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