Thursday, February 15, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 15

Glorious Cross  February 15

Christ’s entering into our world and his going forth to the Father signify not estrangement or alienation from this world, but rather his total dedication to bringing the world to fullness and to establishing love in people’s relations with one another (Const. 2.1).

Despite the horror of the human evil that killed Jesus, the early Church, knowing Jesus risen, did not respond by fleeing the world, but by a more intensive engagement in it.  The first Christians, filled with the mystique of the resurrection, organized their earthly lives in a formidable solidarity, with radical economic consequences.  They held everything in common, alleviating the poverty of their companions by the sharing of their earthly goods.  This dividing up of their earthly treasures was among their first responses to the acquisition of heavenly treasures.  Do we have the courage to live like them in our world today?  Jesus does not pray that we be taken out of the world because he had need of us right where we are, among our friends, in our families and communities, at work or school.  In effect, it was out of love for the world that he went to the cross.

The worm stays in the ground until the earth is softened.  (Azande) 

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