Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 20

Glorious Cross  February 20

I gave you saving water from the rock, but you gave me gall and vinegar to drink. My people, what have I done to you?  How have I offended you?  Answer me! (Reproaches, Good Friday).

I answer you.
Making water flow from the rock in the desert
   manifests your omnipotence.
Making exquisite wine pour from the water jars at the wedding
   signals the messianic feast.
You wanted to make of the world a great vine, you said,
   with a view to producing sweet grapes
   that rejoice the human heart.
I am among the vinedressers that deceive you.
When you return for the harvest, you will drink bitterness;
   I have only the fruit planted in the troublesome time of my folly
   and in the vineyard devastated by my sin.
I am left only with vinegar to slake your dying thirst.
But you are accustomed to transforming
   drought into gardens, what is distasteful into flavor.
Make of your Cross the winepress of excellence
  and of the vinegar I touch your lips with,
  in a pitiful gesture of mercy,
  the spiritual refreshment for which I search.

A person with salt cooks a good meal.  (Bembe)

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