Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 21

Glorious Cross  February 21

. . . our fidelity to the Cross . . . (Const. 2.2).

To enter Crosier life is to manifest a conviction and a decision about the role of Cross of Jesus in the history of the world.  The conviction is that in the mystery of the Cross is found the salvation of the world.  And the decision, consequently, is to associate radically with the Cross as the source of all human happiness and to accept it as what gives meaning to all the events of life.  If someone accepts the mystery of the Cross in this way, the person lives by its revelation, namely, that all the world’s evil is already conquered and that the restoration of human life progresses by imitation of the love expressed by the Cross.  The religious commits to the proclamation of this Good News by a life of Gospel conversion and by active participation in the birth of the new humanity.  Such an association with the Cross is not considered one option among others, but as the supremely crucial option.  In effect, it is to believe that life or death for the person or the world depends upon this choice.

If the first number is wrong, the total is wrong.  (Pele)

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