Saturday, February 24, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 24

Glorious Cross  February 24

We wish to see our fidelity to the Cross most especially in our dedication to fashioning a truly evangelical community through our acceptance of our life and work, and in our apostolic presence where human and religious needs call out to us (Const. 2.2.).

In the Garden, the communion Adam and Eve had with God was the guarantee of a life lacking nothing.  There was nothing to poison their happiness.  But, in the end, their “no” to God created an insidious virus at every level of their existence that threw them off balance and provoked a multitude of anxieties that were unknown to them until that moment.  The assurance of immortality was sapped by physical, even incurable, weakness.  Their clear headedness dimmed, their path in life became fraught with danger.  The joy of their married and family love exploded, fragmented by egotism and fratricide.  With their wills broken, no project was certain.  The loss of intimacy with God made their hearts unstable and agitated in a search for whatever consolation.  This is the heritage of sin that still disrupts human balance.  Its antidote is the Cross of Jesus with assured healing, but a healing that is not instantaneous.  It is rather like the growth of a mustard seed.  Meanwhile, we live with confidence and attentive to the cries of others in distress.

Wood left on the ground is devoured by termites.  (Baoule)

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