Thursday, February 8, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 8

Apostolate  February 8

With people throughout the world, we affirm the principle of human dignity; we recognize and accept human longing for freedom and community; we acknowledge human demands for democracy and personal responsibility (Const. 5.1).

What joy for Israel to have had the person of Jesus in its midst!  His words and activities represented the best of the Jewish tradition, the most profound truths of its creed.  In him, Israel could contemplate and take up again the most authentic road toward the accomplishment of all its desires and participate more fully in the Covenant with God.  In a similar way, what a joy for the world to know the Church of Christ, which proclaims the divine esteem for it and vigorously supports the call and dignity of the human person.  And what good fortune for the Church and the world to know religious communities like the Crosiers that respond to the values most thirsted for today, among which are respect for human persons and their rights, mutual confidence, equitable share in the goods of the earth, co-responsibility and democratic collaboration.  This is the way religious model and invite to the new image of humanity coveted by the world itself.

Porridge smiles with joy when it sees meat.  (Shi)

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