Thursday, February 22, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 22

Glorious Cross  February 22

Our profession is a personal act of dedicating ourselves, empowered by the Spirit, to follow Christ in his total and free devotedness to the Father and to others, which reached its completion on the Cross (Const. 10.2).

Following Christ as people of the Cross is first to be in solidarity with everyone who suffers.  As people of the Cross, we must also courageously protest, in the Spirit of Jesus, against the causes of human suffering.  What’s more, as people of the Cross, we are called to compassion in the use of talent, time, energy and other resources to help suffering people.  But solidarity, protest and compassion are not enough.  Christ wants even more.  We must finally proclaim the great message of hope, the Good News, that the forces of evil in the world have been vanquished by the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus.  The forces of evil no longer dominate life, even if the contrary seems true at certain moments. Jesus has won the victory and his victory is at work in the world until the last day of history, when its full realization will be revealed.  To transmit this hope is the summit of pastoral work with suffering people.

You love the hen; you have to love her eggs, too.  (Kusu)

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