Friday, February 9, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 9

Apostolate  February 9

Thus, (the Crosier) lives in communion . . . with the Catholic Church first, but also with the sister-churches in a spirit of open and fraternal ecumenism.  He also respects the other non-Christian religions (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

To our brothers and sisters in the other Christian churches we make the following appeal:  Let us remember the Common Womb from which we came forth a long time ago—the same life flows in our veins.  Did we not breathe the same air—and, yes, the same dust—of the House in the past?  Have we not been fathered by the same Father-God, nourished by the same Mother-Gospel, taught by the same older brothers and sisters to talk, walk, shed our blood for the Faith?  How could we ever forget that we have we used for a very long time the same Bath, eaten the same Bread, read the same Book and collaborated in the same household chores?  Let us pray, dialogue and collaborate so that we can celebrate again together.  And to our brothers and sisters in the great religions of the world:  Remember that the same sun shines on us all, that we work the same earth and walk toward the same human destiny.  Is the Divine not the same who is revealed in the sights and sounds of our ancestral house?  Sharing the same hopes and aspirations, can we not make use often of the same spiritual and moral goods?  Come, let us sit and talk together about the path.

Having slept in different places, the game animal multiplied his paths.  (Tabwa)

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