Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 13

Apostolate  February 13

By a strong mutual love, our brotherhood, which is called to be a living parable of unity, proclaims an essential mark of the Church (Const. 15. 2).

We speak of a parable being “an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.”  This interpretation is verified in the parables of Jesus.  However, the use of parables by the Lord is not limited to the New Testament.  He continues this way of teaching today.  Take, for example, the parable of religious life.  It is truly “an earthly story” about the gathering of men and women, the struggles and vulnerabilities of personalities, the failures and successes of projects, the discovery and loss of life.  But in living all of that, religious life manifests “a heavenly meaning”:  the revelation of the dignity of the person, the clarification of suffering and the source of hope, the call to solidarity with others nearby and far, the word of counsel about achieving human destiny together.  In effect, religious life is a conversation with the world that makes known the impact of communion with God.  Religious life is the contemporary parable continually preached by Christ.  And I, I am among the actors.

If the stranger knew the place of the sacrifices, it’s because someone from the village showed it to him.   (Moba)

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