Thursday, February 1, 2018

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 1

Apostolate  February 1

Our third source of apostolic inspiration flows from the profound human concern displayed by people in the world of today, and from the exemplary generosity and solicitude for others which characterize the truly outstanding people of our time (Const. 20.4).

Their consternation was great.  The divine order had been established.  At the moment determined, the elders were called and gathered around the Tent of Meeting—except for these two.  And now the two imposters began to prophesy elsewhere.  Eldad and Medad did not have that pastoral right!  They must be stopped!  (See Numbers 11:24-29).   But that was not the last time in history that such an event and such dismay were experienced.  Later there was someone, also unauthorized, who began to minister by expelling demons.  Imagine, a man who was not part of our entourage!  How could he do it in the name of Jesus?  He should be stopped immediately! (See Lk 9:49-50).  And today?  There are people who do not follow us but who witness to “our” truth.  When something like that happens, our response should be like that of Moses, “Would that all the people of God were prophets and that God would send the Spirit on all of them!”  We should have the conviction of Jesus, “Don’t stop them . . . because anyone who is not against us is for us.”

You never know where the termite hill will rise up out of the ground.  (Akye)

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