Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 3

Apostolate  February 3

We favor those apostolic endeavors which require or are enriched by community life and which in turn foster it (Const. 22.2).

One protects what one cherishes.  If it is shared, only a bit of it is shared, that is to say, only a portion of it is given so that its integrity is not threatened, but, at the same time, allows for the cherished value to be reproduced elsewhere.  Crosier communities, in the spirit of St. Augustine, protect their fraternal life, not simply for selfish motives but for the well being of the Church and world.  Community life is a Gospel treasure that teaches religious tolerance, dialogue, solidarity, justice and serviceability—in effect, the charity of Christ.  To lose the sweetness and formative power of such an experience would certainly be regrettable for community members.  But it would also be sad for those who, outside such a community, aspire to the similar values and formation.  Religious do all to assure the integrity of their fraternal life.  At the same time, by their witness, by their practice of hospitality and by their teaching of such values, they offer community to others as a kind of “primer,” full of potential for being adapted in other circumstances.

The house chicken shows the way to the stranger chicken.  (Congo)

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