Thursday, February 15, 2024

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 15

Obedience  September 15

But it shall pertain chiefly to the superior to see that these precepts are all observed and, if any point has been neglected, to take care that the transgression is not carelessly overlooked but is punished and corrected (Rule of St. Augustine, 45).

Who can be a superior?  The community has criteria and the following should be primary among them:
            --Obedience to the charism. The confrere ought to have a clear understanding of the charism of the Order and embrace it in practice.
            --Authority as service.  The confrere should be sensitive to the needs of others and generous in serving them.
            --View of the whole.  The confrere should have a global ("balcony") view of the community in order to promote the well-being of the whole.
            --Understanding of the parts. The confrere should know the individual members of the community and understand the practical aspects of the community’s life.
            --Future vision.  The confrere should have the ability to envision the future of the community and stimulate the community’s openness to the “signs of the times.”
            --Communication.  The confrere should be able to communicate well in formal and informal situations, with all kinds of people both within and outside the community.

Give the hoe only to the one who knows how to use it.  (Lulua)

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