Friday, February 16, 2024

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 16

Glorious Cross  February 16

Lord, . . . by the law of nature we have borne the likeness of his (Adam’s) manhood.  May the sanctifying power of grace help us to put on the likeness of our Lord in heaven (Prayer, Good Friday).

We can imagine that he spent his childhood like the others:  loved by his parents, full of innocence and joy, a good comrade in neighborhood games, curious about the world around him, a serious student at school, religious according to the traditions of his ancestors.  Maybe he had a turbulent adolescence like others did, but he arrived successfully at adulthood.  Certainly he dreamed, planned and decided to assure himself a good life.  That is why contracting leprosy was a terrible shock and overwhelming tragedy.  Now he was isolated from the village, far from his family and friends, a contagious companion of other contagious people, condemned to be a helpless spectator from one day to the next of the sickening disintegration of his own flesh.  He was not a bad man.  Perhaps that is why, when he realized what had happened, he left the other nine to look for the man in the street who had cured him.  The ravages of his body did not destroy the goodness of his heart, despite being a member of the so-called Samaritan schism.  This goodness, as a fruit of the Spirit, testified to a passage already from the old man to the new man resurrected.

Every river has its own power.  (Zulu)

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