Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Parable and Conscience Meditation February 18

Glorious Cross  February 18

The Cross of Christ is a sign for us of his total service in love to all of humanity (Const. 2.2).

With Jesus, the man of the Cross, we are people of the Cross.  Our spirituality is a grace which calls us to enter into the Passion of Christ so as to come out of it, not only risen with him, but also as partners in his work of saving the world.  This commitment to his Cross leads us to participate in the sufferings of his Body today, to embrace the pain of all his brothers and sisters in the world.  We do that as celebrants of Jesus’ victory, with a strengthening message of hope.  Thanks to our own personal experiences of the Paschal Mystery as Christians and Crosiers, we have come to believe in ultimate victory over suffering.  Meanwhile, we help others patiently endure even their irredeemable sufferings and to live with sometimes inevitable human limitation.  At the same time, with unshakeable confidence, we collaborate with all sufferers to eliminate from the world everything that does not accord with resemblance to the Risen Christ.

Anyone who gives a sweet potato to an orphan also commits to giving that orphan a drink of water.  (Nande)

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