Saturday, September 16, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 16

Obedience  September 16

He must create the opportunity for his brothers to experience a Gospel obedience to their calling by the Lord and by the community of the Church (Const. 9.3).

The superior is, first of all, someone who himself discerns and facilities the discernment of the community.  What inspirations must he obey?  In his pastoral task with each confrere, he promotes each one's ability to discern.  He encourages the confrere to think like Christ, to see the human situation with Christ's eyes.  He promotes an atmosphere of prayer in the life of each confrere so that he can better hear the God who calls.  The superior helps each brother to know his own strengths and weaknesses so as to be more realistic in discernment.  He calls to personal purification to become more free interiorly for response to God.  By his example, the superior stimulates the will of the confrere to hear and learn how divine wisdom manifests itself.  Finally, he accompanies the confrere in vital communion of heart and spirit with the Church.  As leader of the group, the superior supports discernment by encouraging community prayer, fraternal life, mutual respect, community realism, dialogue, the pursuit of consensus and fidelity to community agreements.

The lock of hair doesn´t shine until it is drenched with oil.  (Bakongo)

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