Monday, September 25, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 25

Obedience  September 25

Thus our obedience implies that each brother retains an adult personal freedom and at the same time assumes an adult personal responsibility in the community (Const. 14.2).

Crosier obedience is active.  Taking of the vow of obedience does not reduce the confrere to an automaton who is, from that time on, obliged to void his judgment and immobilize his liberty.  On the contrary, the vow calls for a coresponsibility in the community that demands a forthright exercise of the judgment and liberty of everyone.  The greatest challenge for each confrere is to voluntarily submit his judgment and freedom to the consensus of the community.  All are asked to actively participate in the work of discernment, that is, to observe, judge and act in favor of the Kingdom of God.  The first act of obedience in the community is to observe the situation of the community, the Church and society.  Each, from his personal point of view, clarifies the facts of the reality, the causes of the problems and the effects which result from them.  Then obedience asks for judgment of the situation.  Each confrere contributes to the evaluation of the facts discovered under the light of human and divine wisdom.  Finally, everyone is called to accept the consensus reached in the Spirit and to act to execute it in one’s own life and in his sphere of influence.  Is this the work of a blind obedience? 

The person who detests the cries of the small black ants starts to look for what makes them cry.  (Burundi)

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