Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 27

Obedience  September 27

The unity of our fellowship is to a great extent the burden of the superior. However, . . . it is also the enduring duty of each brother to contribute in idea and initiative to the well being of the community (Const. 14.3).

One immediately sees in a Crosier community the democratic character of the Order.  Each confrere’s dignity is respected.  His rights and responsibilities are sacred.  This kind of respect forms the basis for all democracy.  Everyone is sensitive to the well-being of everyone else so that everyone can be himself and perfect his talents.  There is among the Crosiers a certain ease with regard to authority.  They see their superior first as a brother with a special responsibility for the group.  According to tradition, the Crosier superior is elected by the confreres of the community and not simply appointed by higher authority.  There is not much “ceremony” around the superior.  Obedience is authentic but always in the context of dialogue and the participation of everyone in decisions which touch the life of everyone.  This dynamism is evident in the community chapter where all speak and all are heard in order to arrive at decisions that are communal.  The accent is on the adult participation of each confreres for the common good.  The democratic spirit of the Order is seen at all levels of Order life:  international, provincial, regional and local.

A sorcerer doesn´t come to blows with a crowd.  (Yaka)

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