Saturday, September 30, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 30

Obedience  September 30

A prior, exercising creative leadership in the community, is to help his brothers live and work together in an atmosphere of love, friendship, and unity, and to give them support through his leadership and advice. His responsibility extends to both the spiritual and temporal welfare of all his brothers (Const. 28.2).

It is essentially in the local community that the confreres are to live the charism of the Order.  In Crosier tradition, the evolution of the local community towards becoming a priory is the organization objective.  The priory is the gathering of a sufficient number of confreres capable of functioning with autonomy, having a stable apostolate and the means for self-financing.  The superior of a priory, who is called the prior, is elected by the members of the priory for a great pastoral and administrative responsibility.  He is at the head of all the efforts to develop the community at every level.  He oversees the community of goods, inspires fidelity to the ideals, facilitates fraternal life and accompanies the confreres in their mutual collaboration.  He is the good steward of the Gospel.

If the shepherd is good, the she-goat will give birth to two kids.  (Marka) 

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