Sunday, December 10, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation December 10

Poverty  December 10

We must keep in mind that bodily health and physical fitness are important for the vitality of our community and for personal development (Const. 19.6).

In their sufferings during the time of their atrocious slavery in America, Africans sought their consolation and their hope particularly in images from the Old Testament.  Often they expressed this in their songs, the “Negro Spirituals,” which were full of melancholy and great desire.  In a famous spiritual, they used the vision of Ezechiel about the dry bones of Israelite warriors in the valley after their massacre (Ez. 37: 1-14).  Spurred on by the Word of God, the prophet begins to disturb the bones.  Quickly, with a terrible noise, the scattered bones form into whole skeletons.  Nerves, flesh and skin cover them.  Then, a wind coming from every direction makes them stand up, alive and ready to continue the battle in the name of God.  The message is clear.  Despite all discouragement, the resources for bringing about the Kingdom of God will never be lacking.  It is in this sense that we see our human bodies and our mental health.  They are resources, gifts of God, which have an irreplaceable role in making the Kingdom present.  They are capable of making a contribution to human destiny, but their limits must be respected and they must be well taken care of.

Eggs that are not incubated do not become chicks.  (Madagascar)

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