Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation December 13

Poverty  December 13

Collegiality in poverty implies:  that everyone be adequately informed of the financial status of his community and province; that in appropriate ways, everyone share responsibility for the financial decisions of his community and province; and that a member may be entrusted with community funds for his apostolic projects and personal needs within the context of communal responsibility (Const. 13.5).

Community life goes well when the members exercise their rights with sensitivity and their duties with responsibility.  In a community where the style of administration is characterized by the circle of dialogue, each member faces the other for the good of the community.  In this encounter, mutual confidence and transparency become the lubricants of good management.  Confidence demands mutual respect and the free circulation of appropriate information.  Transparency demands frankness in speech and comportment.  When all are confident that everybody is well-intentioned and well-informed, and when everyone is transparent with everyone else in sharing their lives and being open in their behavior, there is a real possibility for a true and responsible Augustinian community of goods.

Being in twos is the secret of happiness.  (Ekonda)

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