Saturday, December 16, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation December 16

Poverty  December 16

But they who owned nothing should not look for those things in the monastery that they were unable to have in the world (Rule of St. Augustine, 6).

In the bark of the Church on the ocean of the world, we are like the Apostles were after the feeding of the four thousand (Mk. 8:12-18).  They were buffeted by erroneous questions.  They did not understand Jesus about real bread.  They remained preoccupied with ordinary bread that does not suffice for life.  Involved in our mission and forgetful of the Master who travels with us, we worry about little things of no consequence.  Jesus speaks to us about that.  He asks us not to be troubled by questions of clothing, drink and food.  But how many discussions does Jesus have to endure in our boat?  How much do we wear ourselves out with concern over physical comfort, personal security, autonomy and privileges, as though these things were our true bread.  The Lord reacts strongly against us as he did against his disciples: “Why are you talking about having no bread?  Do you still not understand, still not realize?  Are your minds closed?”

If you bathe, bathe completely.  (Madagascar)

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