Sunday, December 31, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation December 31

Poverty  December 31

. . . you may judge from this how lacking you are in that holy and inner garment of the heart when you quarrel over garments for the body (Rule of St. Augustine, 30).

In his community, Augustine saw his confreres dressed in two kinds of garments.  Obviously, there was the exterior clothing, adapted to the needs of each member, but always in a style more and more simple.  This clothing deserved the care of the community because it was used by the community, clothing brought by the confrere with him when he entered or given by the charity of benefactors.   However, Augustine was always more vigilant about the interior garment of his confreres, the evangelical values supported by his Rule.  The quality and care of this interior garment was a radical preoccupation of his.  When he heard complaints from the confreres about the quality of their exterior clothing, a sign of their lack of spiritual concentration, Augustine did not hesitate to ridicule the tatters of their other interior garment.   Here he showed an exaggerated concern that they be well-dressed, but for the Kingdom.

Earthly things are what’s left over from what’s left over.  (Luba)

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