Monday, July 3, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation July 3

Community  July 3

The three vows are a particular realization of the one Christian love, which is the pulse of our community and the goal of our work (Const. 10.5).

In Crosier life, the vows are the expressions of communio.  They are about relationship with God, with the confreres and with the world around us.  Poverty establishes relationship with God as the Great Benefactor, chastity with the One who is Love and obedience with the Ultimate Planner.  The vows also put us in relationship with our confreres.  By the profession of poverty, we take to heart the needs of our confreres and make them priorities in our life.  Living life responding to their needs is to enter into an enduring relationship with them.  To live chastity is to be open to fraternal friendship.  The vow of chastity concretizes brotherly love by the daily practice of solidarity with the confreres.  Obedience establishes fraternal relationship through adult commitment to continual listening and dialogue.  To act together collegially constitutes community life.  Finally, the vows create relationship with people in the world by an availability to meet their needs, by welcoming each man as a brother and each woman as a sister and by attending to their appeals to bring about the Kingdom of God.  In effect, the vows facilitate community at every level of life.

The person always alone is a sorcerer.  (Nande)

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