Thursday, July 6, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation July 6

Community  July 6

By our acceptance of this, our common rule of life, or Constitutions, we incorporate our lives and persons into the community of the brethren of the Holy Cross . . . (Const. 1).

Chapter 1.  Our community ideal.  May we live as Christians together, faithful to our cherished patrimony!
Chapter 2.  The vows.  Make us free, Christ, for the witness and work of your Kingdom!
Chapter 3.  Prayer.  Nourish us, Lord, in the commemoration of your mysteries of love!
Chapter 4.  Other aspects of daily life.  May all our activities be directed to you!
Chapter 5.  The apostolate.  Inspire us by the love of your Cross to serve well the needs of our brothers and sisters!
Chapter 6.  Formation.  Cultivate in us, Spirit, the vision and the ability for Gospel life and service!
Chapter 7.  Members and local communities.  May we commit ourselves to co-responsibility in your call.
Chapter 8.  The Provinces.  Make of our diversity, Father, an enrichment for the accomplishment of your Kingdom!
Chapter 9.  The universal Order.  May our collaboration affirm and give rebirth to the unity and peace of the human family!
General Directives.  Keep us always flexible to respond to the “signs of the times”!

Wise words are like sugarcane that one doesn’t stop sucking on.  (Madagascar)

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