Saturday, July 22, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation July 22

Community  July 22

The main purpose for you having come together is to live harmoniously in your house, intent upon God in oneness of mind and heart (Rule of St. Augustine 3).

The most fundamental characteristic of community life is its Gospel nature.  The members are first believers, with their own experience of God in Christ.  They are convinced that the salvation of the world is the fruit of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus.  They want to organize their lives by the light of this revelation.  In communion with other believers in the Church and with the gifts of its members, the community participates in the mission of announcing the Good News.  In community, the members search for their own salvation, as well as that of everyone else in the world.  The Gospel quality of their community life is their first witness, exercised through the search for unity in Christ in common prayer, through respect for the other person, through fraternal sharing of life, through the exercise of co-responsibility for the common good and through concern for the world by prayer and service.  The objective of their coming together is, therefore, to walk together toward the realization of the Kingdom of God.  They are in search of the God who is in search of the world.

Those who get into the same canoe have the same aspirations. (Wolof)

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