Sunday, July 23, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation July 23

Community  July 23

Hospitality requires freedom and flexibility and is to be practiced with sensitivity (Const. 9.11).

            I went into the Garden, but those who ought to have welcomed me hid themselves.  They are no longer there.  (Gn 3:8)
            I presented myself as an angelic trio in front of the tent and the old man prepared me a meal.  He engendered a son.  (Gn 18:1)
            I was hungry and they let me satisfy my hunger in their field.  They will never lack a harvest.  (Lev 19:10)
            I came to ask for a dwelling place and she consented.  She will be called blessed for all generations.  (Lk 1:26)
            I knocked at the door of the inn to be born, but the owner locked me out.  He lost his rebirth.  (Lk 2:7)
            I came among my own, buy my own did not receive me.  They lost their place of privilege.  (Jn  1:11)
            I wanted to live there to grow up as the messianic child, but the king chased me.  He is fallen.  (Mt 2:13)
            The Pharisee invited me to dinner, but without offering me water to wash my feet.  The prostitute entered the kingdom before him.  (Lk 7:38)
            They invited me to the wedding and included my friends.  The water became wine.  (Jn 2:2)
            The two of them insisted that I stay with them because it was getting dark.  At supper, their eyes were opened to their Lord.  (Lk 24:29)
            I presented myself hungry, thirsty, sick, naked and they ignored me.  They have gone to eternal punishment.  (Mt. 25:42)  
A visitor is a blessing.  (Nande)

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