Sunday, July 30, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation July 30

Community  July 30

Our community may expect of the person in initial formation . . .That he work to achieve a genuinely human community life with others, so that he is open to their appeals and ready to integrate himself into the community’s rhythm of life (Const. 23.6.d).

To judge the quality of my vocational discernment about making final commitment in the Order, I can ask myself some questions.  Do I have the capacity to live a true Christian, fraternal life of sharing and responsibility?  Do I have the desire and ability to participate in a life of prayer centered on the Liturgy?  Do I want to serve the Church out of the community, using whatever personal gifts I have?  Do I value the balance of the “three pillars” of the Canon Regular way of religious life, i.e, community, liturgy and ministry, and am I ready to structure my life to preserve that balance?  Am I a man of the Glorious Cross, in solidarity with suffering people and a herald of hope for them?  Do I give priority to the needs of others to serve them by Gospel poverty?  Do I live in universal love for others by Gospel chastity?  Am I attentive and flexible for the demands of the Kingdom of God by Gospel obedience?  In effect, am I maturing as a man, a Christian and a Crosier according to the Constitutions and the Rule of St. Augustine?

Can an eagle without feathers fly?  (Madagascar)

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