Friday, July 28, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation July 28

Community  July 28

It follows that the communities in which men prepare themselves to join our Order must be particularly conscious of their great responsibility.  They must be prepared to share with these men an experience of genuine faith, communal life and prayer, collegiality and subsidiarity (Const. 23.2).

A word to the older brothers in the community from the younger brothers:
            We thank you for the strength and faithfulness that has always marked your life, for having invited us to join the Order, for your concern for our well-being and our initial formation.
            We see you as the bearers of our charism, a storehouse of Crosier experience and wisdom, the witnesses of so many successes and failures in the life of our Order.
            If we would ask something of you, it would be this:  teach us to wear the Crosier habit with integrity; show us in word and deed the true Christian; teach us to pray well; be for us more collaborators than benefactors so that we will be well prepared for the future; initiate us into unselfish and generous service, as compassionate and optimistic as Christ’s. 
            We are anxious, in our turn, to become one day mature and responsible brothers like you.

It is not a waste of time to sharpen one’s tools.  (Nande)

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