Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 13

Obedience  September 13

The superior should be obeyed as a father with the respect due him so as not to offend God in his person . . . (Rule  44).

Obedience, as with the other vows, is observed essentially for faith reasons and not just because it facilitates community life.  The vow of obedience does not look only to the good functioning of the community as a social structure.  The vow is a personal and community commitment to be radically available for God’s call, no matter where it is heard.  Religious are obedient because they hold themselves accountable to the Word of God.  As Christians, religious accept the fact that Jesus designated pastors in the Church who are charged with guiding listening to God for the accomplishment of the Kingdom.  "The one who welcomes someone I have sent welcomes mes, and the one who welcomes me, welcomes the One who sent me" (Jn 13 :20).  They are confident that every superior, including theirs, who remains in communion with these pastors, participates in their commission and merit obedience.  In this way, religious submit to the Kingdom of God which is realized in the world.  Obedience to the superior has nothing in the end to do with his age, experience or virtue.  It has to do with the fact that faith proposes him as interpreter of the Word of God with and for the community.  He is the spokesman of God.  This is his primary service and the heaviest burden of his conscience.

The chant intoned by the director is the one to respond to.  (Rwanda)

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