Sunday, September 3, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 3

Obedience  September 3

If they are to achieve their intended purpose, our community deliberations must take place in a spirit of candor and mutual trust, rooted in authentic faith (Const. 9.1).

What is the authentic faith that is the basis of religious life?  It is faith in Jesus Risen.  In his resurrection, all truth is revealed, that of God as well as of humanity.  In Christ Risen we see the Plan and the God-Planner.  God created humanity and leads it to its destiny to live in the new creation.  Coming together as confreres has as its objective to discern and participate in the Plan of the Planner.  Or is there some other fundamental reason for our being together?  We are completely identified with God in the movement of Christ Risen for the transformation of human history.  Each religious has taken a vow of obedience to realize this plan, which has the priority in Christian life.  Each confrere, baptized and professed, is equipped by the Spirit with eyes and ears that sensitize him to eschatological renewal.  That is why he must listen.  That is why he must speak.  The Planner reveals his plan in the gathering of the confreres.  Because it is God, in effect, that religious are preoccupied with in their sharing together, there must be between them a mutual confidence and openness that allows God to be revealed.

Intelligence is a fruit that one gathers in the garden of his neighbor.  (Batabwa)

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