Friday, September 8, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 8

Obedience  September 8

Our response to the appeals of all women and men is our answer to the concrete invitation of the Spirit to build the Kingdom of God in justice and love (Const. 14.1).

Gospel obedience has a single goal:  to realize the Kingdom of
            … the poor in spirit who do not depend on themselves for their life but on God, becoming people free to serve others;
            … those who mourn, people who do not feel completely at home on this earth, oriented always to the realities on high;
            … the meek who don’t impose themselves on others by worldly power, being rather a new humanity that makes of the world a place where everyone is welcomed;
            … those who hunger and thirst for justice, submitting heart and soul to the righteousness of God, being persons who seek the fulfillment of everybody in mutual respect;
            … the merciful who distance themselves from hate and its fruits, being men and women of unconditional pardon;
            … the pure of heart who live in the image of God, behaving in accord with the Two Great Commandments;
            … the peacemakers who do not get involved in conflicts, but who reconcile opposites;
            … those persecuted for the sake of justice who never lack courage in the affairs of God and are tireless defenders of God’s will.

Well made dough doesn’t spoil right away.  (Shi)

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