Saturday, September 2, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 2

Obedience September 2

The master general bears the primary responsibility of keeping alive the Order's unity and its own charismatic gifts, as well as promoting a fruitful religious life in its members. . . . His governmental and administrative powers and functions include his obligation to see that the decisions of the general chapter are implemented (Const. 36.1).

Founder Theodore, you continue to live through the ministry of the Master General in every epoch of the history of your Order. The grace of the charism you received from the Spirit has been cultivated by fifty-seven Generals who have succeeded you since the foundation of the Brothers of the Holy Cross 800 years ago. Saints and sinners, they have all been called to care for the integrity of the life of the Crosiers, to assure a good understanding and stewardship of the patrimony which you left. Except for the three most recent Generals, they accepted election for life, sometimes heroically in very challenging times. Theodore, even from the sixteenth century the “Lord” Generals who bore pontifical insignia (the purple cape, the miter, the ring, the pectoral cross) felt the call to serve their confreres humbly according to the example of the Crucified. Be with your successor in our own times so that, through his inspiration, we might remain faithful to yours.

The sorcerer dies, but his medicines keep their force. (Bayaka)

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