Saturday, September 9, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 9

Obedience  September 9

The principal responsibility of the prior provincial is to unify, inspire, and lead his confreres in the pursuit of the Order’s ideals. . . . He is to keep in close contact with the persons, communities, and areas of the province . . . (Const. 32.1)

The Province is a community of communities, each of which manages its life with some measure of autonomy.  Nonetheless, each confrere and each community responds in obedience to the superior of the Province (the Provincial, or better, the Prior Provincial).  The task of the Provincial is first of all to promote the life of the Crosiers in the communities, to coordinate the interaction of the communities for the common good and to direct the services that make the Province a single entity (e.g., assignments, formation, program for the aged, etc.).  His ministry is characterized principally by communication.  He remains in contact with each confrere and community, especially by regular visits and the organization of meetings.  The Provincial is the "elder brother" of the Province and he merits to be listened to and collaborated with by everyone.  Every confrere has the responsibility to maintain a fraternal, frank and spontaneous relationship with him.  The importance of his service recommends him to the solicitude and prayers of the confreres.

The forehead of the person who says to others, “Follow me,” will sweat.  (Minyanka)

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