Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 6

Obedience  September 6

Our first task as members of a chapter is that of keeping ourselves open to hearing the voice of the Lord in the words of our brothers (Const. 9.1).

A mature and effective obedience demands the ability to listen and learn.  Look how the three arrived because they listened and learned all along the way.  Despite their reputation for being already wise, they were ready to humble themselves before the demands of the call they heard.  To listen and to learn, these characterized their exercise of obedience.  They devoted time to do then because finding the newborn king had become the crowning effort of their careers as seekers.  They searched with confident determination.  Their eyes conscientiously scanned the heavens, always convinced that signs would never be lacking.  They consulted, exploited their own knowledge, asked questions without shame of other concerned persons, of the reigning monarch, of secular and religious teachings.  They paid attention also to dreams, leaving every channel open.  With formidable patience, they followed the star together.  They did not let their routines from the past block them, nor their current limited horizons, nor the obscurity of the future.  In listening and learning, the three Magi made good their obedience.  They modeled obedient openness.

The river wanted to direct itself and it got lost.  (Bahaya)

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