Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Parable and Conscience Meditation September 5

Obedience  September 5

 (The Crosier) commits himself sincerely, with happiness and joy and in a spontaneous and self-forgetful way to the decisions of these Chapters (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

Everyone has a place in the circle of dialogue.  The members of the community, along with the superior, arrive at decisions that serve the realization of the Kingdom of God in this or that situation.  It is understood that everyone is prepared for the sharing, having studied the matter to be discussed.  It is also understood that everyone speaks from the heart and that everyone is listening to the others.  The fraternal discussion moves toward the discovery of the will of God.  Even if the understanding of that is provisional, it represents the most mature judgment of the group at the moment, which is confirmed by the superior.  What follows is the execution of the decision under his direction and the conscientious attention to its evolution.  It is the joy of Crosier life that the confreres gather to determine, under the inspiration of the Spirit, the course of their community life, prayer and apostolate.  Being a participant in the making the decision is a strong incentive to sincere, joyful and generous obedience.  It is that clear without such obedience, the matter in question will not progress much.  Even if the decision does not meet all the expectations of all the members of the community, it certainly represents the fruit of sensitive sharing, with a conclusion that everyone can accept as an effort at fidelity.  Discussion finishes with action.

The foot walks where the mouth has already been.  (Shi).

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