Saturday, March 11, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 11

Glorious Cross  March 11

We realize that the Cross is the embodiment of a life lived in that love which goes forth to embrace the whole world (Const. 11.3.).

Imagine Jesus a few weeks before his Passion.  His conflicts with the religious authorities became more combative.  He had to decide. One day, he calls the Twelve to talk.  He makes his appeal:  “Are you ready to give up your life of sin once for all?  Tell me clearly and then I will go to the cross for you!”  That is unimaginable!  Christ did not demand anything like that.  He did not set a condition for his work of redemption.  Was he not the one who came precisely for sinners, loving them while they were still sinners?  Was he not the one who died on the cross while the Twelve, with one exception, were betraying him at the very hour?  No, his love went beyond even the boundaries of enemies.  And if he could so love his enemies, how could his heart be so closed that it could not embrace all his brothers and sisters, whatever the human condition of their lives?  The Cross proclaims Christ’s universal and unconditional love.  And that is the most crucifying lesson for all those who follow him.

One finger is wounded by a knife and all the fingers are covered with blood.  (Yaka)

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