Thursday, March 23, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 23

Glorious Cross  March 23

There (in the Eucharist) we discover the true significance of the Cross and the joy of Christian life (Const. 17.2).

We are assembled around the table to commemorate a blessed scandal and to profit from it again.  Our salvation was won by someone who assumed the image of a criminal, someone crucified.  In him we see everything that victimizes the human being.  At the same time, paradoxically, the Cross became the sacrament of the best in our life, the Resurrection.  A shame become a marvel!  But the scandal is even more profound and inspirational.  The one who suffered to redeem us was God incarnate.  It was necessary that Jesus, true God and true man, be wounded by evil so as to become the healer of evil.  The God Savior is the wounded healer.  Our contemplation of such a love moves us to Eucharistic thanksgiving and a reciprocal practice of love in our daily lives.  We love by repeating the scandal.  We who live on high in Christ look for ways to bend down in solidarity to our suffering brothers and sisters in the world.  What a scandal, this saving companionship that risks being enveloped again by the forces of evil and the loss of life.  It should be the cause of thanksgiving in the world.

Do not judge the grain of pepper by its size; taste it and you will see how it burns.  (Arab Proverb)

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