Sunday, March 19, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 19

Glorious Cross  March 19

(The Crosier) knows how to act and take action, especially in unforeseen and difficult circumstances (Profile of Congolese Crosier).

It happens that Christians of good will sometimes express feelings of great discouragement.  They say that in certain troubling situations nothing can be done to solve the problems.  They say that they have used up all the available resources for resolving the difficulties.  They say that evil spirits are dominating the moment and they cannot even imagine a positive result.  There are moments like that in the life of everyone.  What to think, what to do at these times of despair?  One has only to read some stories of heroes during religious persecutions of the Church, of heroes experiencing political oppression, of heroes held in concentration camps or of heroes in deplorable conditions of poverty.  There one sees the victory of individuals achieved by the grace of God, the victory of individuals who are not overcome, despite impossible obstacles.  These are testimonies to the truth that there is always the possibility of light in the darkness, of strength in the face of weakness and of goodness in the midst of evil.  They re-present the experience of Jesus in his Paschal Mystery.  This is hope for a world overcome by distress.

Even if the lance is in the back of the house, it is brought out when the leopard appears.  (Congo)

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