Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 28

Glorious Cross  March 28

(The Crosier) is patient in conflict; he pardons and forgets the offenses against him (Profile of the Congolese Crosier).

He lived without resentment at the treason of a friend.  He was arrested without resisting.  He bore false accusations publicly in silence.  He was humiliated in front of civil authorities without protesting.  He suffered the indignity of mockery, spitting, slapping, whipping.  He accepted the sentence of death without making counter charges.  He fell three times to the cheers of passersby.  He was disrobed in front of spectators without losing his composure.  He endured the laughter of his persecutors in his final moments without cursing.  To the contrary, he excused and pardoned them.  This was the greatness of spirit of Christ in his last agony, the one who could have legitimately called on legions of angels to avenge himself.  Rather, he abandoned himself to the One to whom alone vengeance belonged.  In the face of the extent of Christ’s unmerited sufferings, how petty our complaints seem in the little annoyances of daily life.  It is as though we had more reason than Christ to defend ourselves.  Instead of showing in these irritations a greatness of spirit like he did, we often allow them to diminish our nobility.  That is to our great embarrassment—and his as well.

The royal beard does not sway in the wind.  (Shi)

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