Sunday, March 26, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 26

Glorious Cross  March 26

Our desire is to follow Christ, who gave himself completely on the Cross, by giving ourselves totally to the needs of others . . . (Const. 21.3).

One of our challenges as Crosiers is to know the spirituality of the Cross for our own times.  We need to dialogue, pray and theologically reflect more.  The spirituality of the Cross ought to be a more frequent subject of our personal and communal meditation.  We have to discover a language to communicate the mystery of the Cross in our service.  How can we accompany others and speak to them in a convincing way about the victory of the Cross?  How can we attend to the suffering of others, enter more into their pain in a way that can bring effectively bring them the whole mystery of salvation?  We need to deepen a style of life in which our simplicity witnesses to Gospel values, among others, confidence in Providence, the passing nature of the world and solidarity with the poor.  Finally, we need to develop the personal and communal ability to suffer for love for others.  We need to have a such a large and free spirit to love.

The strength of the thigh comes from the bones.  (Bahumbu)

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