Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Parable and Conscience Meditation March 14

Glorious Cross  March 14

To be a brother to all people is to live under the sign of the Crucified One (Const. 11.3).

There is no other model for functioning in Christian life than that of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus.  This mystery clarifies the whole of Christian reality, including the behavior of Christians.  Jesus came to serve even to the point of giving his life.  The Gospel invites all his disciples to embrace the Cross.  That means more than just tolerating it, more even than just voluntarily accepting its inevitability in life.  The Gospel pushes us to search for the Cross as one searches for the “pearl of great price” because we know that we cannot live or survive without it.  This attitude indicates maturity in the Christian life.  We seek the Cross especially by being totally available to others, just as Jesus was.  We base our life on the needs of others to the point of forgetting our own.  We give preference to others in all the circumstances of life to the point of preferring their lives to our own.  To live such so unselfishly reveals a heart exquisitely marked with the image of the Crucified.

The chasm of God is better than the plane of our eye.  (Rwanda)

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